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About this resource:

This free website resource will help you to identify the skills and knowledge needed to efficiently and effectively deliver support services to meet the needs of NDIS Participants. G8Way is available 24/7, so how and when you wish to use it is your choice. There are 4 information hubs for you to work through with corresponding Check Your Knowledge sections to help focus your learning. If you choose to complete the 4 short quizzes, you will receive a G8Way Completion Report. This may assist you with job applications and interviews or skills recognition when enrolling in training.

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Start by clicking on the Tour icon and then click each bubble as it appears on the screen. The Tour will help you become familiar with each section of the resource.

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A few things you need to know before you begin:

G8Way has been designed so that you can use it when it suits you. You can work through the Information Hubs in any order and return as often as you wish. This means you may use it if you have only a few minutes to spare or need to rush off at any time. As a guide, each Information Hub may take 1-2 hours for most users to read through the content and view the video links. This will vary depending on your needs, interests and current knowledge of the new NDIS world.

If you wish to complete the short quizzes in the Check Your Knowledge sections and have G8Way provide you with a Completion Report you will need to do the following:


So that G8Way can save your answers and you can return later, you will need to create a login name and password. This way your work is nice and secure and only you will be able to see it. HINT your login name will be the one G8Way uses on your Completion Report, so best to use the name you are known by.


When you are ready, complete the short quizzes. These may be done in any order. Good news you don’t have to get it right the first time but can go back to the Information Hubs for help and retry as many times as you need.


When you have answered all questions correctly in each of the Check Your Knowledge sections, G8Way will provide your Completion Report.


When you have successfully completed the 4 Check Your Knowledge quizzes, select the MY REPORT. Here you will be able to OPEN, SAVE to your computer and PRINT the Completion Report.

About us:

The NSW Government and the NSW Community Services and Health Industry Training Advisory Body worked together with support services stakeholders to develop G8Way.

G8Way encourages support workers to engage with the changes being brought by the NDIS world and have the confidence to facilitate Participant choice and control and deliver quality services.

The project partners wish to thank the stakeholders who participated in the development of G8Way content and provided valuable feedback to the review of the interactive website.

The following organisations are kindly acknowledged for their generous support and contribution to developing G8Way:

Response Employment and Training
Macquarie Employment Training Service