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Your G8WAY… Into the NDIS Marketplace

The disability service sector in Australia has transformed to a marketplace where people with disability now have the independence to choose the support services they require to pursue their goals and aspirations.

The market-based approach of the NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme) means that there will be significant changes in the way that supports and services are demanded by and provided to Participants. It is designed to maximise the choice and control of Participants while providing incentives to service providers to efficiently and effectively deliver the supports and services that Participants want and need.

In this section you will learn about the NDIS which is facilitating this transformation of the disability services marketplace.

Participant Eligibility to receive services

To be eligible for an NDIS plan, Participants need to meet the age, residency and disability or early intervention access requirements and give consent to join the Scheme.

More details about accessing the NDIS here:

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