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Your G8Way ... To Customer Focussed Support

Seeing the NDIS Participant as a customer is a new way of working in the disability services marketplace. As a customer the NDIS participant will expect to be treated with the same respect as any customer would.

In this section, you will learn about customer-focussed service, supporting the Participant to meet their NDIS plan outcomes, providing choice and control and ensuring value for money.

The Participant NDIS Plan

The NDIS is changing the way the disability sector and those it supports receive government funding, through the introduction of individually funded packages that support a Participant’s NDIS plan.

The plan means the Participant has been through the NDIS planning process and has received an individually funded package that supports them to achieve the goals identified in their NDIS plan. This means the person:

  • has the funds to implement their plan
  • chooses how the funds are managed
  • chooses where the funds are spent to achieve their goals (the funds are portable and, like cash, may be spent with their preferred service provider).

Supporting the Participant

In order to achieve goals, it’s important to have a plan. All eligible Participants will have an NDIS plan. This plan is person-centred, developed with the Participant and identifies the aspirations and goals the Participant wishes to achieve, and the support required to achieve them. Remember that goals can change and the plan should be reviewed as things for the Participant change.

Within the NDIS environment, your responsibility is to provide supports and services to Participants to implement their plan. Things you need to do include:

  • consider supports that will best assist them to achieve their goals and positive outcomes
  • make the most of their NDIS packages
  • build their capacity
  • identify potential risks
  • look for opportunities to link with mainstream services, community activities and informal supports
  • raise concerns should the NDIS supports no longer be relevant to the Participant or plan.

What is in a plan?

An NDIS plan is tailored made for each Participant. It reflects their goals at a point in time and may be reviewed and amended to reflect changes in a person’s circumstances and priorities.

Plans include:

  • Goals. There is no limit to the number of goals that may be on a Plan and it will be different for each person.
  • Actions. The steps Participants need to take to achieve their goals and aspirations.
  • Funding allocation. Participants will have a maximum amount of funding which they may spend in a year across three Support Purpose categories:
    Core (ongoing daily living and community access supports)
    Capital (investment for assistive technology, equipment and modifications)
    Capacity Building (non-ongoing supports for early intervention and skills development)
  • Review dates. The Plan is reviewed periodically to ensure it continues to reflect and individual's needs and goals